What does Medicare NOT cover?

Original Medicare (Part A & B)  does NOT cover everything. For example, it only covers 80% of Medicare approved services. This is why many people add prescription drug coverage (Part D) and Medicare Supplement insurance OR purchase a Medicare Advantage plan that includes prescription drug coverage.  After purchasing the additional coverages stated above, you are essentially fully covered for most Medicare approved services.  However, you may be subject to small deductibles and/or copays depending on which plan you select.  Nevertheless, there are still some services that will not be covered no matter what type of additional coverage you purchase.  Below is a list of services that are not covered by Original Medicare (Part A & B) and thus will most likely not be covered by a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan. Some Medicare Advantage plans may cover some of the services listed below, but the coverage offered is under the sole discretion of the Insurance company because Medicare does not require coverage be provided for these services.

Health Care Services NOT Covered by Original Medicare (Part A & B)

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