Short Term Insurance

Short-term health insurance plans provide you with coverage for a limited period of time, and may be an ideal solution for those between jobs or those waiting for other health insurance to start. Typically, short-term plans offer coverage up to six months, although some plans may offer coverage up to 12 months.  The application process for short-term health insurance is usually simpler than regular health insurance. Short-term health insurance plans are designed to protect against unforeseen accidents or illnesses, rather than to provide comprehensive coverage, and, as such, typically do not include coverage for preventive care, physicals, immunizations, dental or vision care.

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Short Term FAQs:
When can my coverage start?
How long can I have Short Term Insurance for?
Why would I want coverage for a limited amount of time?
What happens when I reach the end of my coverage period?
Do short-term health insurance plans include dental and vision benefits?
Should I pay monthly or make a single payment up front?
What if I only need coverage for less than 30 days?
Can I insure just my child?

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