Turning 65?
Here are two things you need to do.

  1. Call Social Security (800) 772-1213 to enroll in Medicare Part A & B. You can enroll as early as four months before you 65th birthday.
  2. Call us at (800) 300-0205 for quotes on additional Medicare insurance because Medicare only covers 80% of your Hospital and Medical Insurance costs with no prescription drug benefits.

Two Paths for Additional Medicare Insurance


Medicare Supplement


Medicare Advantage


What does it cover?

Simply covers the remaining 20% that Original Medicare (Part A & B) does not.

It includes all the coverage of Parts A and B, and some cases even Part D. Some plans will have co-pays and deductibles for certain services. Some plans also include additional benefits like dental and vision coverage, or extra office visits with low co-pays.

How does it work?

Plans are offered through Private Insurance companies. These plans serve as a “Supplement” to your Medicare coverage.

The Federal government sends your Medicare part A & B premiums to a private insurance company who becomes the primary payer of your medical bills.

Can I use any provider?

You can use any provider in the nation that accepts Medicare.

Typically you are restricted to using the network providers of the Medicare Advantage insurance company. You will not have coverage if you choose to use an “Out-of-Network” provider.

Which card(s) should I give my Doctor?

Your Medicare card along with your Supplement Insurance card.

Only your Medicare Advantage Insurance card.

Do I need a separate Part D plan for Prescription Drug coverage?

Yes, click below for more info.


Only if you buy a Medicare Advantage plan without Part D coverage. However, most plans include Part D coverage.

Which card should I give my pharmacy?

Your Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan Insurance card

In most cases, your Medicare Advantage Insurance card.

How much is it?

Click below to get a Medicare Supplement Quote now!


Medicare Advantage plans range from $0 to $100 monthly.


No matter which way you decide to get your additional coverage, you first need to enroll in Medicare Part A & Part B via Social Security.

  • Once you enroll in Part A or Part B, you will receive Hospital and Medical coverage through Original Medicare.
  • Original Medicare (Part A & B) covers approximately 80% of your Hospital and Medical Insurance costs. In order to cover the remaining 20%, you have the option to enroll in a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan.

Additional Medicare Insurance choices explained

Most people who choose Original Medicare add prescription drug coverage (Part D) and Medicare supplement insurance, but it’s not required. Most Medicare Advantage plans include this coverage plus additional benefits like vision, dental and hearing coverage all in one plan. This two-step chart can help you decide which path you might want to take on your Medicare journey.


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Medicare Insurance options can be very complex and confusing, so please feel free contact us for advice before making this important decision.
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