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CC_Horz_RGB_Logo_070813 We Sell Covered California Plans! -   We help you get the most affordable coverage that meets your needs! (If you have insurance with your employer, this letter may not apply to you) The Individual Mandate of the Affordable Care Act-ACA (ObamaCare) takes effect on January
GetHealthIns Do I Have to Get Health Insurance? - The simple answer is YES or pay a tax penalty. There has been confusion about this lately because of the recent Obama administration's decision to delay penalties for employers who don't offer health insurance until 2015. The unfortunate consequence of
health-care-reform1-460x250 Key Points for Health Reform - 10/23/2010. Separation point between Grandfathered and newer plans which are subject to new mandates   10/23/2010. First wave of new mandates started. Preventative benefits to be covered at 100%. Children policies are guaranteed issue regardless of health. Life time maxes